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Japanese Manicure kit
  • Japanese Manicure kit
  • Japanese Manicure kit
Japanese Manicure kit - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

A kit for  express procedure of the Japanese manicure MASURA. As part of the set:

    - Polishing block MASURA KICHIN / CICHIN made of calfskin - 2 pcs.
    - Stick Tachibana - 2 pcs.
    - Ni paste - 1 pc.
    - Hon Powder - 1 pc.
    - Cuticle softner "Sea Spa gel" - 1 pc.
    - Top coat "Young Bamboo" - 1 pc.
    - Cuticle oil - 1 pc.

Japanese manicure is a whole complex, aimed to take care of the nail plate using natural components and materials.

Japanese manicure set by Masura is recommended to use for nail restoration with delamination and brittle nail plate, after building, with dry and problem skin of hands. 

The effect of the procedure is impressive: the nails begin to grow faster, become stronger, the skin - more elastic and resistant to the effects of adverse environmental factors.

The procedure of the Japanese manicure combines not only the benefits of treating the nail plate and the skin of the hands, but also the pleasure that every minute of massage and polishing brings. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use the special tools that are included in the MASURA kit for Japanese manicure.

How to use:

  • Disinfect and degrease the skin of the hands and the nail plate, correct the shape of the free edge, and polish the possible nail plate delamination with a buff.
  • Apply cuticle softner and after a few minutes, clean it with a stick, and remove the remnants of the remedy with a tissue.
  • On a dry surface of the nail, apply a mineral paste, using the special tools that are included in the MASURA kit.
  • After applying the polish paste, apply polish powder for gloss and distribute it with a polishing block.

Japanese manicure gives nails a healthy shine and natural gloss for 2-3 weeks, the action continues even after contact with water, alcohol, chlorine. The procedure of the Japanese manicure is not only useful care of nails and hands, but also a true pleasure, which is possible not only in the salon, but also in your home.

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